Artist's dream

We provide opportunities for young people who dream of becoming content artists to make their dreams come true.

A leisurely life

It provides an environment to naturally harmonize with culture and arts by providing things to see and enjoy through various culture and arts contents to general consumers.

Fair evaluation

We support artists to maximize profits through creative activities by minimizing the distribution structure between artists and consumers as well as fair evaluation of works so that their content works can be recognized for their fair value and earn corresponding income.

About our work


By providing young people who dream of creating contents and becoming artists a new opportunity to make their dreams come true, and by providing opportunities for various work activities to existing artists, the whole humanity can share various cultural and artistic works, enjoy cultural benefits, and personal self-esteem. It was KEEPs that was born with the aim of raising awareness and creating an ecosystem of culture and arts that all mankind can share with a sense of mental and physical satisfaction.

Unique Contents

KEEPs is more than just a social media platform where content is provided and shared, content creators are given the opportunity to share content with their fans, and can view unique videos that cannot be seen on other media platforms.

Virtual Reality Contents Platform

The KEEPs Platform provides a virtual space gallery service where you can enjoy or share content registered on the KEEPs Platform using Virtual Reality technology, one of the core technologies of the 4th industrial revolution.

Participatory platform for fans

KEEPs intends to provide services by separately establishing a KEEPs Platform in order to build a sustainable ecosystem where content creators, distributors, and fans can coexist.

Unique Security Service for Streaming

We will build a safe service that can block video duplication and illegal distribution that occur elsewhere and protect the authority of the original author.

KEEPs Platform Specification

KEEPs PLATFORM was created for all artists engaged in the cultural industry or preparing for activities. The KEEPs Platform aims to become a business model where all artists can grow together by providing opportunities for various creative activities and profit distribution. We will provide services to the general consumers who consume culture so that they can more easily access, understand and enjoy the field of culture and arts.


KEEPs Gateway

It is provided in the form of API and SDK, and supports the use of KEEPs in actual participants by interlocking with the KEEPs Platform



We plan to provide various modules that can be used by each ecosystem member. We intend to provide it in the form of a separate asset so that it can respond to OS, Device, and Platform.


Exchange Service

We have a system that allows customers to fund the value of KEEPs' content creators in advance or in the distribution process of the produced content.


KEEPs Wallet

We provide wallets for various OS so that even players who have not used cryptocurrency can easily use them.


KEEPs Online Player

The KEEPs Platform has a built-in security player for various contents. This player can receive a separate dedicated security player service for video, sound source, and image.


KEEPs Reward System

It is a systemized compensation system so that compensation can be set for each service tier and automatically settled.

KEEPs Platform


The KEEPs Platform is an ecological portal for culture and arts where these artists and consumers live together. In terms of profitability, every time a consumer purchases content or owns, shares, or enjoys digital content, the creator of the work will return the revenue. Of course, in terms of consumers who enjoy the work, they can have a position to invest in their preferred artist or have a position to distribute

Advantages of KEEPs PLATFORM

We support artists to fair evaluation of works so that their content works can be recognized for their fair value.

  • Provide an opportunity to make your dreams come true
  • Providing opportunities and space for creative activities
  • Cost assistance for artists
  • Support for creative activities with proceeds
  • Providing an environment in harmony with culture
  • Real-time payment of license fees
  • Minimum distribution structure, maximize profit

Content secondary market

The KEEPs platform is designed to support transparent purchase history information.

  • Support for transparent purchase history information
  • Scalable resale service
  • Building trust between operators
  • Basic blocking of piracy
  • Quick income distribution
  • Compensation for consumer activity
  • Maintaining the value of content


KEEPs PLATFORM is structured like a securities system and built by a professional development team.

  • Build a professional development team
  • Patent application property protection
  • Creating a creative environment
  • Creating a fair reward environment
  • Build a stable trading system
  • Provide autonomous investment system
  • Exclusion of unreasonable external factors

Business model

Operation goal

In order to guarantee the basic rights of content artists, blockchain-based technology is introduced to fundamentally block illegal copying, and the distribution channel of content works is transparently managed to exclude the possibility of alteration and to protect the copyrights of content works.

For Consumer

Establish a healthy culture and arts ecosystem by sharing various contents fairly

  • Participate as consumers and creators
  • Appreciation and sharing of works and audio sources
  • Easy access to various cultural industries

For Distributor

management of distribution channels by introducing blockchain-based technology

  • Accurate consumption propensity analysis
  • Provision of supply and demand forecast information
  • Consumption information big data


Enhancement and protection of artists' rights to promote the culture and arts field

  • Easy job registration
  • Transparent distribution process
  • Fair profit share

Business model

In principle, the business model of KEEPS is designed to benefit all stakeholders in the industry, including creators, distributors, consumers, advertisers, and program developers. In addition, unlike a centralized media platform that monopolizes profits, we pursue a content distribution model that maximizes efficiency based on a blockchain that minimizes the intervention of intermediaries in the entire process of content creation and final consumption. To this end, the KEEPs business model is focusing on three tasks:

  • Copyright protection : How to prevent the disturbance of the ecosystem caused by illegal copying?
  • Decentralization and autonomy : How will the balance of the ecosystem be maintained autonomously?
  • Token usability : How to increase the usability of Token, a medium of ecosystem circulation?


Content(%) Quantity
Distribution(20) 600,000,000
Development(20) 600,000,000
Marketing(20) 600,000,000
Business(10) 300,000,000
Liquidity(20) 600,000,000
Fund(5) 150,000,000
ETC(5) 150,000,000
Total number of tokens 3,000,000,000 KEEPs
Nominal price 0.04$
Emission rate No Further tokens will be created
Token private sale 20% (Distribution)
Token Liquidity 20% (Planning)
Soft cap ETH 1,000
Hard cap ETH 6,000
Token format ERC20
Currency Accepted ETH, BTC

Our team

KEEPs Team

KEEPs TEAM is a special team of experts in various fields. It provides young people who dream of becoming artists with new opportunities to make their dreams come true, and by providing opportunities for various works of art to established artists, sharing various cultural and artistic works with all of humanity, enjoying cultural benefits, and individual self-esteem. It is a group of experts organized to create an ecosystem of culture and arts that enhances mental and physical satisfaction with all mankind.

He is a popular YouTuber Creator and a professional influencer who currently runs the "Phúc Mập" channel. His channel has more than 400,000 followers, introducing various Asian cultures and broadcasting links with other influencers He has been collaborating with Cryptocurrency-related analysis channels since 2020, and participated in the KEEPs Platform business for a true influencer platform

Brandon Hurley

Supply Chain Management | eDist | D2E | Omni - Fulfillment Solution BOD Member : Company NamePharmaceutical Operational Excellence Manager: NameOne Mount Group Customer Supply Chain Manager :Unilever Customer Logistics Manager : FrieslandCampina IAE Paris - Sorbonne Business School

Nhan Tran

A professional marketing manager related to virtual assets Marketing Director : Thiên An Holdings Co Founder : idesign Digital Planner : Yuranga Multimedia University Field Of StudyBachelor of Marketing (Hons.)

Nguyen Manh Cuong

International Business Development Manager with experience in sales, e-commerce, project management, social media engagement and a passion for improving business relations between other countries and China. Born in the UK and resided in several countries, multicultural and bilingual (English and Chinese). Strong understanding of Chinese cultural and business practices. I am really excited about the advance of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, and to be a part of this technological age.

Daniel Bateman

CEO, CNC Partners Korea Senior Economist, NH Economic Research Institute Member of the Reverse Mortgage Policy Group of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry MBA, ESC Reims (French Grande Ecole) BA, French Education, Seoul National University.

Jae-hak Choi


KEEPs Advisor

Integrated & Digital Maketee Marketing Consultant for Blockchain industry Workbook Deltek- Agency Management software manager Bridge Capital, LLC Manager Tambour Paints from Israel head marketing manager


SolutionGraduate School of Law, Korea University 32nd Judicial Research and Training Institute Member of Korea Bar Association IT, Blockchain Special Committee Advised on a report on the application of blockchain to the public sector by the Information Society Promotion Agency Block Street Advisory Board Maeil Business District. Seoul Economic Daily D Center Columnist


Legal Advisor
Chairman of the Financial Payment Services Gateway Project Consultant in Qatar Media Corporation the Association of Mental Health society Director of the Department of the Development of Huawei Chinese branch of Qatar Hemaya Security Services Company Accreditation from the University of Michigan in public library management Master's degree in strategic planning from the french university

Mohammed Hassan Al-Jafairi


Road Map


Private sales

Mainnet Launch


Pre-sales #1

Launch PR Campaign website for Sale


Present Alpha version of KEEPs Platform

List on cryptocurrency exchange Pre-sales #2


Launch Beta version of KEEPs Platform


Upgrade Blockchain mainnet


Launch Service version of KEEPs Platform

List on cryptocurrency exchange (Global)


Mainnet hardfork (version 2)

Starting of the scheduled phase "Contents Time"


Grand Open of KEEPs Media Platform Building a worldwide supply chain of K-contents


Launch Second version of KEEPs Platform

- Multichannel marketing campaign

- Increase in customer base

Our clients

White Paper

The KEEPs Platform aims to build an ecosystem platform for a new concept culture and art industry that encompasses the entire art industry such as music, film, and drama.

KEEPs aims to provide a space where anyone in the world can participate in and run the culture and art industry by providing a platform that can be used in a variety of cultural and arts fields.

KEEPs is a content art platform developed on the basis of Blockchain. We want to build the ecosystem by stably systematizing the entire culture and art industry based on Blockchain, rather than simply using Cryptocurrency.

From the past, humans have used various forms of expression to express their inner feelings and convey various meanings. This is human instinct, and has existed with any age and society in which mankind survives.